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Technological and environmental audits

We offer technical and environmental audits for biogas and biomethane plants.

Such studies aim to determine the current biological, technical, and organisational status of the biogas plant and to identify areas that need improving. In addition, they can serve as supporting material for determining the degree of compliance of the biogas plant activity with the applicable environmental standards and veterinary regulations.

Such studies prove helpful for biogas plant managers in their decision-making as far as:

  • stabilisation of the biological process,
  • organisational changes to improve the operation of biogas plants,
  • improving health and fire safety,
  • adaptation of biogas plants to current legislation,
  • technology upgrades to remove bottlenecks in the plant and to streamline and improve the stability of production at the plant,
  • introduce measures to optimise the cost of biogas plants.

 What does a biogas plant audit look like in practice?

  1. We agree with the client on the areas to be assessed.
  2. We provide a quote and a timetable for the work.
  3. We visit the installation to collect data and conduct interviews with plant personnel, if necessary, carry out tests, e.g., on the composition of the biogas, and take substrate and digester samples for testing.
  4. We analyse the test results made available as well as company documentation and administrative decisions.
  5. We present a written report with comments and proposals for necessary changes.

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