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Integrated permit for composting plants

Under the current Environmental Protection Act, the operation of installations listed in the regulation on the types of installations that may cause significant pollution of individual natural elements or the environment as a whole requires an integrated permit. As the name suggests, this permit covers all scopes of environmental impact, i.e.: emissions of gases and dust into the air, water intake, sewage disposal, waste management, impact on the Earth’s surface. These permits are issued, by administrative decision, by the relevant authority, for an indefinite period.

Composting plants requiring an integrated permit are installations built for recovery or a combination of recovery and disposal with a treatment capacity of more than 75 tonnes per day.

If you are treating waste within the limit specified above i.e., your installation requires an integrated permit.

If you find that you need the integrated permit, our team will help you obtain one.

As part of the service:

  • Firstly, we will help you determine whether such a requirement applies to your business,

and then:

  • we will draw up an application on your behalf that meets the statutory requirements,
  • we will help you compile all the formal attachments required to acquire the permit, e.g., certificates from the National Criminal Register,
  • we will develop a risk analysis or initial report,
  • we will analyse compliance with BAT (Best Available Technique Conclusions for installations) if these have been issued for the industry concerned,
  • we will carry out laboratory tests (if required),
  • we will prepare guidelines for waste storage sites so that they meet the requirements of the law and the implemented regulations,
  • we can mediate and advise on the drafting of the Fire Operative,
  • we will determine the amount of registration and stamp duties due,
  • we can represent you before local authorities in administrative proceedings,
  • we will assist in the preparation of an appeal against a decision refusing to grant the permit if the refusal was unlawful,
  • we offer to participate in the inspection activities of the Voivodship Environmental Protection Inspector before issuing the permit.


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