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Alternative treatment parameters for composting plants

A composting plant for processing animal by-products (hereinafter: ABPs) in accordance with veterinary regulations must be equipped with a closed reactor for composting. In addition, the pre-treatment of the input material and the composting process must be carried out under the following parameters:

  • All animal by-products must be shredded < 12 mm before entering the composting reactor.
  • During the composting process in a closed bioreactor, the process must be managed to achieve a temperature of >70ºC continuously for a minimum of 1 hour.

When, due to the composting technology used, the required parameters of feedstock fineness or temperature in the bioreactor cannot be achieved, it is possible to use composting process parameters compatible with the technology in place, provided that they ensure adequate reduction of biological risks. This is the so-called alternative ABPs treatment method, which must be validated according to the standards set out in Regulation 142/2011.

We offer to carry out a validation of an alternative processing method in a composting plant, i.e., to determine the effectiveness of the elimination of indicator bacteria and parasites during the processing under conditions typical for the composting plant technology. This survey is carried out in cooperation with a renowned scientific and research centre which has carried out several studies of this type for composting plants in Poland.

Having obtained positive results from the survey, the composting plant can use its own parameters for converting kitchen waste into compost.

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