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Biogas laboratory

We offer comprehensive laboratory testing and analyses for biogas and biomethane plants.

We have an in-house biotechnology laboratory equipped with high-quality measurement and analytical equipment to carry out evaluation studies of:

  • the suitability of substrates and waste for biogas production,
  • the methane potential of the substrates (the so-called biogas yield/biofuel yield),
  • digestion mass tests – biotechnology process parameters,
  • biogas composition
  • digestate testing.

In addition, in cooperation with our partners, we provide accredited microbiological testing and determination of macro and microelement levels, fertiliser parameters of the digestate, and testing for heavy metals in the soil.

As we have been combining knowledge and practice in the area of biogas technology for more than 14 years, our test reports always additionally include the analysis and interpretation of the results.

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