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Technical due diligence audits for biogas and biomethane plants

If you are interested in acquiring a biogas/biomethane plant design or an operational biogas plant, we will develop a technical and environmental DUE DILIGENCE AUDIT for you.

A technical due diligence audit (TDD) is an expert study that most often includes an analysis of the following areas:

  1. Evaluation of the completeness, validity and provisions contained in the administrative decisions issued for the client company which have a negative impact on the investment process and the operation of the biogas or biomethane plant.
  2. Detailed assessment of the technological and technical as well as organisational solutions applied in the biogas or biomethane plant.
  3. A field visit to the project site or the operational biogas plant.
  4. Analysis of substrate availability for biogas production and competition in the local market.
  5. Planned or implemented digestate management.
  6. Analysis of project documentation for their completeness and quality.
  7. The business assumption related to the sale or distribution of the manufactured products.
  8. Compliance of the installation with applicable environmental standards, in particular with regard to waste management.
  9. Analysis of documents obtained from the ERO regarding FIT/ FIP/Auction.
  10. Analysis of contracts with substrate suppliers, biogas technology suppliers and the general contractor.
  11. An indication of the identified risks in the areas studied, the so-called “red flags”, with an indication of their impact on the project or the operational activity of the biogas plant.
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