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Nature inventory

Before starting a project, it is necessary to describe the natural situation that exists in the project area. When planning, the natural conditions of the surroundings must already be taken into account so that all activities are planned with the least possible harm to the environment. In the process of collecting the necessary documents and permits, field surveys should be carried out to determine the plant communities and natural habitats as well as individual elements of the environment which are located in the area intended for the investment.

A nature inventory is an inventory of the various parts and fragments of nature occurring in an area. The nature inventory is one of the elements allowing the assessment of the natural values within the area of the project and its impact, and the assessment of the situation with the identification of measures to exclude negative impacts on nature.

The work comprising the inventory consists of several stages:

– preliminary work – learning about the topography and history of the site, making maps,

– botanical inventory – record and cataloguing of flora elements,

– faunal inventory – record and cataloguing of fauna,

–  inanimate nature inventory – record and cataloguing elements of animate nature,

– summary – compilation of collected data.

A major part of the work comprises in field surveys, which often need to be carried out during the vegetation season. Correctly collected data (from field surveys, as well as from the available literature) enables a proper assessment of the natural environment, including habitats, species, ecological corridors, as well as biodiversity. On this basis, it is possible not only to determine the impact of the investment on nature but also to determine the necessary measures to be implemented in order to minimise or even exclude possible negative impacts.

Our team has specialists who will prepare the nature inventory needed in the process of obtaining the environmental approval.


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