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Waste generation permit

A waste generation permit for a biogas plant is needed if the operation of the plant generates waste of a mass:

  • more than 1 Mg (1 tonne) per year of hazardous waste,


  • more than 5,000 Mg (5,000 tonnes) of non-hazardous waste per year.

The permit shall be issued on application of:

  • separate operators of designated parts of the installation or at the joint request of the operators of designated parts of the installation (joint application for a permit), naming one operator as the lead operator or specifying in detail the responsibility of each operator for operating the installation,
  • the entity undertaking a new investment,
  • the operator of the installation (a Polish entrepreneur, foreign entrepreneur (acting through a person authorised to represent him/her), or other entity operating the installation, e.g., a farmer).

Waste generation permits are issued, by administrative decision, by the relevant authority, for a maximum of 10 years.

However, in order to obtain such a permit, a number of different requirements under the Environmental Protection Act must be met.

Our team will help you to obtain the permit in question.

As part of the service:

  • Firstly, we will help you determine whether such a requirement applies to your business,


  • we will draw up an application for you that meets the statutory requirements,
  • we will help you compile all the formal attachments required to obtain a permit, e.g., certificates from the KRK,
  • we will carry out laboratory tests (if required),
  • we will prepare guidelines for waste storage sites so that they meet the requirements of the law and the implementing regulations,
  • we can represent you before local authorities in administrative proceedings,
  • we will assist in the preparation of an appeal against a decision refusing to grant the permit if the refusal was unlawful,
  • we can act as an intermediary and advise on the drafting of the Fire Operative,

Criminal liability

Adjudication of penalties for non-compliance with the obligation to obtain a waste production permit shall take place on the principles and in the procedure set out in the Act of 24th August 2001. – Code of proceedings in cases of offences [Art.193 of the Act of 14th December 2012 on waste].

The administrative fine for violations of the Waste Act is no less than PLN 1000 and may not exceed PLN 1,000,000. [Art.194 of the Waste Act of 14th December 2012].

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