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Permit to market the digestate

According to current legislation, the generated digestate, irrespective of the status of the biogas plant, the biogas substrates used and its size, constitutes waste that can only be used for fertilisation in the R10 recovery process.

Such a solution severely limits the possibilities of utilising digestate, as it involves the transfer of the waste through the Waste Database system to entities holding an R10 decision or the need for the biogas plant to obtain an R10 recovery decision. In addition, it results in high costs of its management, mainly related to costly tests for heavy metals in the soil where the R10 recovery process is carried out.

How to solve this problem?

We offer you a procedure to change the status of your digestate from waste to a fertiliser product by obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. This allows your digestate to have the status of an organic fertiliser or soil improver.

However, in order to obtain such a permit, appropriate surveys must be carried out and a number of different opinions must be obtained from scientific and research institutes.

We offer you a comprehensive “fertiliser certification” service which includes:

  • coordinating the required product testing,
  • obtaining approval of the installation (in the case of treatment of ABPs – e.g., manure, slurry, whey, or animal waste),
  • preparation of required documents, instructions, declarations, safety data sheets,
  • obtaining the required opinions from authorised bodies,
  • developing a marketing application,
  • obtaining the marketing permit.

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