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Gas grid connection conditions

According to the Regulation on detailed conditions for the operation of the gas system, entities applying for connection to the gas grid are divided into 3 connection groups. A biogas plant, as a gas producer, is included in group C – entities engaged in the transmission or distribution of gas fuels, their production, processing or extraction, storage of gas fuels and liquefaction or regasification of liquefied natural gas.

The connection of a biogas plant to the gas grid can be divided into the following stages:

 Stage I – determination of the conditions for connecting to the gas grid.

The entity applying for grid connection shall turn to the power company engaged in the transmission or distribution of gas fuels to which the grid in question belongs for determining the connection conditions. The power company shall, within 60 days from the date of submission of a complete set of documents by the applicant, verify whether the technical and economic conditions for connection exist. In the event of a positive assessment, it shall issue connection conditions specifying, among other things, the quantity and quality of the gas fuel to be injected into the grid and the estimated costs of the connection.

 Stage II – conclusion of the gas grid connection agreement.

The grid connection agreement forms the basis for the operator to commence design and construction work related to the connection.

The contract shall provide for the reservation of capacity in the distribution system, in accordance with the gas grid connection conditions issued.

 Phase III – investment implementation.

The operator performs, among other things, the design documentation and the network infrastructure including the performance of all activities enabling its usage. It is up to the applicant to construct a gas station and gas network and to install the equipment necessary to start supplying gas to the distribution system, including the biogas purification and dehumidification installations, a gas meter, a chromatograph, or a moisture meter.

Biogas transmitted to the grid must meet the parameters as established in the connection conditions. Without the fulfilment of the above steps, the plant is not allowed to sell gas to the grid.

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