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Alternative processing parameters for biogas plants

According to veterinary regulations, category 2 and 3 animal by-products can be used in the biogas production process and, depending on the category of the material in question, they must be suitably chopped up and subjected to thermal treatment, i.e., pressure sterilisation or pasteurisation, before being fed into the fermenter.

The legislation allows for the situation that the Veterinary Inspectorate may authorise a process to be carried out under parameters other than those described as ‘standard’ if it is demonstrated that they provide adequate biohazard reduction. This is known as an alternative ABPs processing method, which must be validated to the standards set out in Regulation 142/2011.

We offer to validate an alternative processing method, i.e., to determine the effectiveness of the elimination of indicator bacteria and parasites during the processing under typical biogas plant conditions. This survey is carried out in cooperation with a renowned scientific and research centre which has carried out several studies of this type for biogas plants in Poland.

Having obtained positive results of the survey, the biogas plant under certain conditions can use category 3 ABPs without prior pasteurisation.

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