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Initial risk analysis reports

Under the current Environmental Protection Act, the operation of installations listed in the regulation on types of installations that may cause significant pollution of individual natural elements or the environment as a whole requires an integrated permit. These installations also require the preparation of a surface pollution risk analysis or an initial report (this provision has been in force since 2016 on how to conduct a surface pollution assessment).

When should they be developed?

In the case of obtaining a new integrated permit or in the case of installations that already have an integrated permit in the case of their 5-year analysis made by the permitting authority or in the case of an amendment to the integrated permit.

Not sure whether you are subject to a mandatory risk analysis or an initial report?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

If you find that you need a risk analysis or an initial report, our team will develop these for you.

As part of the service:

  • Firstly, we will help you determine whether such a requirement applies to your business,

and then:

  • we will draw up an analysis of the risk of surface pollution for you,
  • we will prepare a list of substances of relevance to land surface contamination, determine their storage and use,
  • on this basis, we will determine whether an initial report is required,
  • if this is the case, we will develop an initial report,
  • we will provide the results and analysis of surveys, recommend the frequency and extent of the tests necessary to be specified in the integrated permit,
  • we offer assistance in the event of queries by the Authority regarding the analysis or the EIA report.
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