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Water permits including a water supply report

Do you want to build your own well or other water facility? Or are you planning a development that requires water use or may affect water levels? You may need a water permit.

We provide assistance in acquiring the following water permits:

  • water services:
  • groundwater or surface water intake,
  • the discharge of wastewater into waters or onto land, including the discharge of wastewater into water facilities,
  • discharging to water or water facilities of rainwater or snowmelt, contained in open or closed rainwater systems for the disposal of precipitation, or collective drainage systems within the administrative boundaries of cities,
  • special use of water:
  • the introduction into sewerage systems owned by other entities of industrial wastewater containing substances particularly harmful to the aquatic environment as specified in the provisions issued under Article 100(1) of the Water Law Act,
  • agricultural use of wastewater, if the total volume is greater than 5 m3 per day,
  • construction of water facilities:
    • surface water and groundwater extraction facilities,
    • outlets of sewerage facilities for the discharge of wastewater into waters, land or water facilities and outlets for the discharge of water into waters, land, or water facilities,
    • piers,

Water supply reports

In the process of applying for a water permit, it is mandatory to draw up a water supply report. This is a detailed document consisting of a textual part, specifying the parameters and characteristics of water use in relation to your activity, and a graphic part showing, for example, cross-sections of water facilities.

As part of the service:

  • Firstly, we will help you determine whether such a requirement applies to your business,

and then:

  • we will draw up an application on your behalf that meets the statutory requirements, together with a water rights report,
  • we will help you compile all the formal attachments required to obtain a permit,
  • we will carry out laboratory tests (if required),
  • we can represent you before local authorities in administrative proceedings,

 Criminal liability for not having the required water permit:

An entity that operates an installation without the required permit or in violation of its conditions is subject to a penalty of arrest or restriction of liberty or a fine [Art. 476(1) of the Water Law Act] and, in addition to the basic variable fee for water intake/wastewater/rainwater discharge, also incurs an increased fee of 500% of the variable fee (every quarter) [Art. 280 of the Water Law Act].

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