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Permission for waste processing

Under the current Waste Act, waste treatment requires prior permission. These permissions are issued, by administrative decision, by the relevant authority, for a maximum of 10 years.

Waste processing can take place either:

– inside the installations in the R3 process – recycling or recovery of organic substances which are not used as solvents (including composting and other biological transformation processes)


– outside installations and facilities in the R10 process – land treatment that benefits agriculture or improves the environment (e.g., fertilisation of fields with digestate, which is a waste product).

 However, several different requirements must be met in order to obtain such a permit.

Our team will help you obtain the required permissions.

As part of the service:

  • Firstly, we will help you determine whether such a requirement applies to your business,

and then:

  • we will draw up on your behalf an application that meets the statutory requirements,
  • we will help you compile all the formal attachments required to obtain a permit, e.g., certificates from the National Criminal Register,
  • we will carry out laboratory tests (if required),
  • we will prepare guidelines for waste storage sites so that they meet the requirements of the law and the implementing regulations,
  • we can represent you before local authorities in administrative proceedings,
  • we will assist in the preparation of an appeal against a decision refusing to grant the permit if the refusal was unlawful,
  • we can act as an intermediary and advise on the drafting of the Fire Operative,
  • we offer to participate in the inspection activities of the Provincial Inspectorate of Environmental Protection before issuing the permission.

Criminal liability

The administrative financial penalty for not having the required permission to process waste or non-compliance of the permit with the facts is no less than PLN 1000 and cannot exceed PLN 1,000,000. [Art.194 of the Waste Act of 14th December 2012].

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