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Marketing of compost

Compost produced from separately collected bio-waste and/or sewage sludge is a waste, usually with the code 19 05 03, which can be used in reclamation, managed through the R10 recovery process or, lastly, sent to a landfill.

Year by year, this type of management is becoming more complicated and more expensive, e.g., for 2022 the so-called marshalling fee is PLN 285.60/Mg.

In addition, there is an increasing emphasis on the so-called organic recycling of municipal waste, which is why the regulation of 03.08.2021 on how to calculate the levels of preparation for re-use and recycling of municipal waste introduced the provision:

  • 6 . (3) The compost, digestate or other material obtained which will be used as a product, material or substance which is not waste may be counted as recycled only if it can be placed on the market as a fertiliser or soil conditioner based on a permit from the Minister responsible for agriculture.

In practice, this means that municipalities, as collectors of waste, will pay increasing attention to whether the biowaste collected from their area is sent to composting plants that are authorized to market the compost produced as a fertiliser product.

Our company has been professionally involved in obtaining permits for the marketing of compost and digestate as fertilisers or soil conditioners for many years.

Our range of services includes:

  • advising on the proper qualification of the future product and the choice of its area of application,
  • coordinating the performance of all required product tests, including field tests if necessary,
  • obtaining veterinary approval of the composting plant (in the case of treatment of ABPs – i.e., catering waste),
  • obtaining the required opinions from authorised bodies,
  • development of a marketing permit application,
  • obtaining the marketing permit.

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