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Training for biogas plant operators

We offer practical training for biogas plant operators and managers in the proper operation and maintenance of biogas and biomethane plants.

Our training courses are a solid dose of knowledge, delivered by practitioners with more than 14 years of experience in the supervision and management of biogas plants in various business and technological models.

Despite the high degree of automation in biogas and biomethane plants, well-trained staff at such plants is still invaluable. Therefore, investment in this type of training will be money well spent and will help avoid costly mistakes and failures as well as optimise the biogas or biomethane production process.

This is how we design our training for biogas plant operators:

  1. We determine the individual needs of the client.
  2. We prepare a quotation for the training programme.
  3. We deliver the training in accordance with the agreed schedule.
  4. We provide a post-training report with recommendations for further development.
  5. We offer implementation support and additional activities necessary to achieve the stated objective.

Example scope of training:

  1. Basics of the biogas production process.
  2. Health, safety, and fire protection in a biogas plant
  3. Substrates for biogas production – how to select, store and process?
  4. How to control the stability of the biotechnological process.
  5. Optimisation measures for the management of digestate.
  6. Critical points in a biogas plant that need to be constantly monitored and how to react in the event of a critical situation.
  7. How to consciously manage the biogas, energy and biomethane production process – useful KPIs.
  8. The organisation of work in the plant and the required authorisations.
  9. Mandatory reporting internally and externally to government authorities.
  10. Administrative decisions and registrations required for the legal operation of biogas and biomethane plants.
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