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Biological start-up of a biogas plant

Need support for a smooth biogas or biomethane plant start-up?

You have come to the right place; we have been continuously engaged in the technological supervision of biogas plants since 2008. Thanks to our experience, we will get your biogas or biomethane plant up and running quickly and efficiently.

The service is aimed at, among others:

  • newly commissioned biogas and biomethane plants
  • operating biogas plants in which the fermentation process has broken down or the biological start-up is required due to maintenance work.
  • technology suppliers or general contractors who are looking for a proven partner in Poland in this area.
  • micro biogas plant

Services provided include:

  1. Advice on substrate selection for biological start-up of a biogas plant and preliminary quality testing of those substrates.
  2. Support for the client on how to prepare technically and logistically for the biological start-up of the biogas plant.
  3. Development of a biogas plant biological start-up schedule and a testing plan for substrates and digestion mass.
  4. Systematic determination of key process parameters of digestion mass and substrates.
  5. On request, the organisation of a simple laboratory station for the measurement of FOS/TAC parameters, pH, and dry mass.
  6. Periodic visits to the biogas plant to assess the progress of the ongoing biological start-up and to test on-site the biogas composition and other process parameters.
  7. Development of substrate dosing plans and ongoing assessment of the biological start-up process.
  8. Supply of process support preparations for biogas plants (micronutrients, desulphurisation products, anti-foaming agents, etc.).
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