Owner / Managing Director

Paweł Karwat

Paweł Karwat

Graduate of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz (MSc in biotechnology). He started his professional career in 2007 in the state administration in areas related to environmental control and protection. He was already associated with the biogas industry during his studies, where he carried out microbiological research and a diploma thesis on the first agricultural biogas plant in Poland on an industrial scale.

In the years 2008 2009 production specialist in the Biogas Department of Poldanor SA. From 2010 to 2015 he was Head of the Biogas Department at Poldanor SA responsible for the operational activities (administration, technology, production, service, employees, budget) of 8 agricultural biogas plants with a capacity of 7. 4 MW in a company which is a leader in the agricultural biogas plant industry in Poland. From January 2016 to August 2017 he was the Chief Operating Officer of PGB Serwis Sp. z o. o. , a company belonging to the Polish Biogas Group S. A. , responsible for the comprehensive management of 7 agricultural biogas plants with an electrical capacity of 7 MW. Then, from IX. 2017 to III. 2019, he was responsible for comprehensive biotechnological supervision of 7 biogas plants belonging to PGB S. A.

Lecturer at Bydgoszcz University (in 2010) and Lazarski University (from 2011 to 2014) of subjects related to the investment process and operation of the biogas plant. Since 2020, an external expert for the NCBR, actively participating in the preparation of tender requirements and reviewing submitted proposals within the framework of projects related to biogas and biomethane.

Since 2014 he has been the owner of the BIO-INDUSTRY company specializing in consulting for the biogas industry and environmental issues.
In the company, he is responsible for the company’s strategy, coordination of the company’s work and comprehensive service to customers from the biogas industry in terms of technical and legal advice.

Paweł Karwat