Environmental Specialist

Patrycja Falkowska-Weltrowska

Patrycja Weltrowska

Graduate of the University of Environment in Bydgoszcz (eng. environmental protection specializing in landscape design and protection) and the University of Technology and Life Sciences. J. and J. Śniadeckich in Bydgoszcz (MSc in Environmental Protection with a specialization in Industrial Technologies in Environmental Protection).

She started her professional career in 2003 in the state administration in areas related to environmental protection. Since 2006 she has been an environmental inspector at SEC Chojnice Sp. z o.o. (formerly MZEC Sp. z o.o.). Mainly responsible for air protection and waste management and cooperation with individual departments of the company in the implementation of tasks and objectives of environmental protection. She is also responsible for monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and reporting, i.e. environmental fees, KOBiZE, waste reports.

At BIO-INDUSTRY, he is responsible, among others, for modelling gas and dust emissions into the air (emission declarations for biogas plants), development of environmental documentation at the investment stage, development of applications for issuing decisions on waste collection, production and processing. He also deals with the elaboration of HACCP documentation.

Patrycja Weltrowska