Head of Environmental Protection Department

Katarzyna Błocińska-Wolnikowska

Katarzyna Błocińska Wolnikowska

Graduate of Environmental Engineering in Unconventional Power Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Szczecin University of Technology in Szczecin (Environmental Engineering) and Postgraduate Geology at the University of Szczecin. Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. She started her professional career in 1999 as an environmental inspector at the District Authority in Chojnice, where she was responsible for issuing administrative decisions in the field of environmental protection, including integrated permits, water law permits, waste generation permits, decisions setting permissible levels of noise emitted into the environment, agreeing environmental conditions at the stage of issuing decisions on environmental conditions.

Since 2008 she has held the position of Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Protection, Agriculture and Forestry, and since 2010 also the position of District Geologist, within which, apart from approving geological and hydrogeological documentation, she conducted geological supervision over investments carried out in the Chojnice district.

In the years 2006 2012 she issued decisions on environmental conditions for investments emitting electromagnetic radiation for the Municipal Office in Chojnice. As part of her professional work, in addition to issuing administrative decisions in the field of environmental protection, she carried out inspections of installations for compliance with regulations.

Co-author of the Environmental Protection Programme for the Chojnicki District and the Waste Management Plan for the Chojnicki District. Author of Environmental Impact Forecasts drawn up at the stage of creating zoning plans and zoning studies.

Since 2017, Senior Environmental Specialist at Goodvalley Agro S. A. (formerly Poldanor S. A. ) and Goodvalley Sp. z o. o. (formerly Prime Food Sp. z o. o. ) responsible mainly for water and wastewater management, i. e. obtaining and maintaining water law permits and cooperating in the team responsible for obtaining and maintaining several dozen different permits, i. e. integrated, for introducing gases and dust into the air, emissions reports. and permits for the generation and processing of waste. She is also responsible for investment processes, preparation of EIA reports for pig farms and biogas plants, as well as environmental monitoring and reporting, i. e. environmental fees, KOBiZE, PRTR, waste reports.

At BIO INDUSTRY he is the Environmental Manager responsible for: following trends and changes in the RES market and in the field of environmental protection, analysing legal acts related to environmental protection and informing the rest of the team, providing key information aimed at the correct implementation of tasks, preparing documentation for new investments; applications for issuing environmental decisions, KIP, reports on environmental impact, preparing applications for issuing decisions for collection, production and processing of waste, preparing applications for issuing integrated permits. of.

Katarzyna Błocińska Wolnikowska