MiaMethan® ProCut

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MiaMethan® ProCut consists of a special mixture of selected enzyme strains balanced for their ability to effectively break down mucilage and fibres in anaerobic systems. High room loads in the biogas fermenters, dry or fibrous substrates and even the plant’s special structural features often cause problems with mixing. This is reflected in the high power consumption of the agitators, viscous biogas liquid manure sometimes containing high amounts of dry substances or even floating layers, and problems when spreading fermentation residues. Enzymes reduce viscosity, leading to more homogeneous and better mixing fermenters which, in turn, lead to improved substrate degradation whilst lowering power consumption.

Retail pack:

The packaging size is kept small by using fermentable tubular film bags, which each contain 500g or 750g.
The closed bags are added to the solids feed. MiaMethan® ProCut is delivered in 15 kg packages, which keeps transport costs low.

Recommended use:

The dosage should be determined in consultation with your specialist advisor. Adding 100 – 150g per tonne of organic dry matter substrate per day with an additional triple starting dose in the first 5 days is recommended. The daily dosage can be dosed once a day.

General information:

Precise information can be found in the Safety Data Sheet. Observe the safety instructions on the packaging.
Store in a dry place.

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