MiaMethan® Fe S

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MiaMethan® Fe S is a fast-acting powdered reactant containing hydrated iron(III) oxide hydrate (FeO(OH)). It was specially developed to bind hydrogen sulphide in anaerobic processes and also serves as a nutrient for microorganisms.

Retail pack:

MiaMethan® Fe S is delivered in fermentable sacks (20 kg) on pallets.

Recommended use:

The amount of MiaMethan® Fe S applied is individually determined depending on the H2S content in the biogas and the type and amount of substrate. The closed fermentable sacks are usually added through the solids dispenser and therefore act quickly in the fermenter, where the hydrogen sulphide is produced. This not only reduces the formation of H2S, but also relieves and optimises biological desulphurisation, significantly extends the service life of the activated carbon filter and prevents corrosion of the CHP unit.

General information:

The fermentable sack should not be opened or slit when added. Please add to the dosing system between feed components to avoid creating dust. Protect from moisture during storage. The limit values for pollutants according to the German Fertilizer Ordinance (Düngemittelverordnung, DümV) of 13 December 2013 have been observed.