MiaMethan Fe nature

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MiaMethan® Fe nature is a fast-acting powdered reactant containing hydrated iron(III) oxide hydrate (FeO(OH)). It was specially developed to bind hydrogen sulphide in anaerobic processes. Originates from a nature conservation project in Germany. Rivers and streams affected by sooting are cleaned in a new process and the resulting iron hydroxide is processed for further use. This results in a particularly sustainable product with the best properties for desulphurisation in biogas plants and the supply of nutrients to the biocenosis. Safe and easy to use by using biodegradable bag packaging.

MiaMethan® Fe nature should be used when using sulfur-rich substrates, the main source of which is animal products. Sulphur released from substrates in the form of hydrogen sulphide ions during fermentation may react with microelements, precipitating them as water-insoluble metal sulphides, permanently limiting their availability to microorganisms and enzymes. Ferrous compounds bind hydrogen sulfide to ferric sulfide, which in turn prevents precipitation of sulfides of other micronutrients.

  • effective reduction of hydrogen sulfide
  • reduces hydrogen sulphide contamination in the gas, which translates into reduced maintenance costs of the cogeneration engine and components susceptible to corrosion
  • reduction of the costs of the second stage of biogas after-treatment before the cogeneration engine (carbon filter)
  • reducing the frequency of engine oil change caused by its acidification
  • reduces hydrogen sulfide in the fermenter, ensuring better utilization of micronutrients by microorganisms and enzymes

Sales packaging:

  • weight: 20 kg
  • product available in biodegradable bags


  • directly to the substrate dosing system
  • dosage will be calculated individually for the needs of the biogas plant

Storage conditions:

  • store in a cool and dry place
  • protect from light