MiaMethan® A-min

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MiaMethan® A-Min P has been developed for use in biogas plants with high nitrogen contents. Through the use of substrates with high nitrogen content in biogas plants such as chicken litter, high ammonium levels may occur in the fermenter. Ammonium is converted in response to the pH in toxic ammonia. The higher the pH, the more ammonium is converted to ammonia. High levels of ammonia can inhibit the microorganisms in the biogas plant. The result is a reduced biogas production and thus an insufficient capacity of the plant.

MiaMethan® A-Min P binds high ammonium concentrations in the fermenter and so reduces toxic levels of ammonia. It has a large surface area. This area serves the microorganisms in the system as a colonization surface. So the entire biogas process is stabilized and enhanced. MiaMethan® A-Min P contains trace elements and the biogas plant can reach maximum capacity.

Sales packaging:

  • weight: 12,5 kg
  • product available in biodegradable bags


  • a minimum of 2 kg/t of substrates per day
  • once a day directly into the substrate dosing system

Storage conditions:

  • store in a cool and dry place
  • protect from light
  • :