COMBIMASS®GA-s hybrid eco H2S

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The COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco is a stationary analyser without a graphic display. In the basic version it has a H2S gas module of the hybrid series with the possibility of measuring one gas stream. By means of an upgrade option, we are able to increase the measuring range to two streams for gases such as hydrogen sulphide, methane and oxygen. It is mainly used for monitoring the biogas filter upstream of the CHP engine. Choice of plastic housing or, in a more expensive version, stainless steel.


  • Monitoring of the biogas filter upstream of the CHP engine

Measuring range:

  • 1 H2S gas module of the hybrid series with electrochemical cell, operating range: 0 – 50 (200, 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000) ppm
  • Housing: plastic 300 x 400 x 200 mm, wall-mounted
  • Number of sampling points Standard: 1 (extendable to 2)
  • Ambient conditions: indoor installation, room ventilated and monitored for LEL, temp. + 5 to + 40°C, relative humidity <80%, in a non-corrosive environment
  • Gas properties: + 5 to + 40°C, 10 to 90% relative humidity
  • Protection class: IP22
  • Gas pump flow rate: 500 ml/min (during gas sampling)
  • Data transmission: analogue signal 4 – 20 mA


  • additional gas modules:
  • O2 0 – 25% v/v
  • CH4 0 – 100% v/v
  • second gas consumption point
  • data transmission via Modbus RTU
  • all connections made of stainless steel (typically in wastewater treatment plants)
  • external 230 V AC/24 V DC power supply box (for analyser cabinet which operates with 24 V DC for safety reasons)
  • 1 gas cooler with DTG-GK hardware extension, a second pump and one NO valve (in addition to the NC valve upstream of the H2S module), if methane is to be analysed continuously
  • reading and sending the analogue signal from the biogas flow meter of the COMBIMASS® series
  • heating/cooling equipment for installation outside the analyser cabinet
  • COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco H2S