Bevaloid® 5000

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Oil-free foam control agent for for use in a variety of applications.
BEVALOID® 5000 is a universal skimmer for a variety of industries and wastewater treatment plants, characterised by good preventive properties and effectiveness corrective action.
– High de-aeration efficiency
– Long-term effectiveness
– Excellent dispersing properties in an aqueous aqueous environment.
– Very good stability against high temperatures and long-term storage.
Used in waste water treatment applications to reduce wastewater treatment applications for foam reduction, especially in anaerobic septic tanks, but also in sludge dewatering and waste water disposal sludge dewatering and wastewater disposal.
As a rule, the product is introduced as delivered or is diluted before foam formation the formation of foam.

Deliveries are made in 1000 kg IBCs, drums of 200 kg or in 25 kg containers.

  • Appearance:
    pale yellow liquid
  • Turbidity temperature in butyl diglycol:
    18 - 26°C